Giraffe Window Mosaic Kit

$12.95 (as of September 19, 2018, 12:24 pm)

Easy To Do Window Mosaic
Ages 7+



Easy-To-Do/ Stick-It-Easy

Mosaic making has never been so easy! No glue required and it is not sticky. The innovative Stick-It-Easy Mosaic pieces will stay on most shiny surfaces like magic. Simply follow the design template provided and make a colorful mosaic picture to hang in your window. Let the sun shine through and turn your window into a world of wonderful, vibrant colors. This is an Easy-To Do mosaic kit for the whole family.

Comes in 3 Safari Designs
Collect them all!

Ages 7 and up.
Contains Small Parts: Choke Hazard: Not recommended for children under age 3 years.
Easy To Do Window Mosaic
Ages 7+


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