925 Sterling Silver Twin Hugging Giraffe Ring

925 Sterling Silver Twin Hugging Giraffe Ring


This item is one of our designs that 925collections carefully choose for our customers in order to pass our love forward.
It’s not only made from high quality 925 Sterling Silver but also comes with the protective box to ensure that it will deliver to you and your loved ones safely.

Let this item brings the happiness to you and your loved ones.
And thank you for choosing 925colletions to be a part of sending the happiness.

Jewelry Care

• Keep your jewelry in a dry airless environment e.g. an airtight plastic bag. It can slow down the chemical process that results in tarnish.
• Avoid any exposure of your jewelry to household chemicals, perspiration and cosmetics.
• Clean your jewelry gently by using a jewelry cleaning cloth.
• Do not use toothpaste to clean silver jewelry that can be easily scratched.
• Clean your jewelry often in order to prevent the dark tarnish on your silver jewelry.


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